putterer's Journal

3 August 1977
4 am, a play on words, acumen, adding interests, alexis bledel, apathy, apples, bacon, badinage, banter, baseball, basketball, being 29, being easily distracted, beth lisick, bons mots, bookstores, brevity, buffy the vampire slayer, burlesque, buying books, cafés, cartoons, cats, coffee, coffee bars, coffee shops, coffeehouses, coke, collecting dust, comfortableness, complacency, country music, cows, crunch berries, cyndi thomson, danger mouse, david sedaris, dorothy parker, doughnuts, driving aimlessly, drollery, drollness, dysphoria, edward gorey, emma, exaggeration, facetiousness, fantasy sports, farce, fawlty towers, flashlights, fog, football, fraggle rock, funny comments, gallows humor, get fuzzy, gilmore girls, good puns, humour, inattentiveness, indecisiveness, irony, jon stewart, jones soda, juxtaposition, katherine heigl, llamas, long showers, low self-esteem, lucky charms, macgyver, making lists, malingering, meat on a stick, mongolian bbq, monterey, moonlighting, movies, mr. peabody, muppets, my kitten, my sara, night court, non-sequiturs, nonsense, odds and ends, orange tic tacs, otters, paddington bear, pants, parabola, parody, penguins, people watching, perspicaciousness, poking-fun, popples, potatoes, procrastination, psychic mimes, puttering, quips, rain, reading in the rain, red dwarf, repartee, reticence, robert benchley, rockie, rory gilmore, sacramento, salt, sarah evans, sarcasm, satire, self-deprication, shadows, sitting in trees, sledgehammer!, sleeping, social anxiety, spaceballs, star wars, staying up late, steve martin, sunnyvale state university, the algonquin round table, the greatest american hero, the naked lounge, the oxford english dictionary, the station agent, the tower theatre, the x-files, thesauri, thumper, transformers, travesty, trivial pursuit, understatement, unfulfilled promise, used bookstores, waffles, wallace and gromit, wisecracking, wit, wonder boys, writing in the dark, youthink.com